Beat the heat

Beat the heat

Summer is heating up. Make sure you follow a few rules to keep the elements from getting the better of you.

Take it easy! Try to reduce or eliminate strenuous activities, or even reschedule to a cooler time of day. Persons at risk, such as the elderly, should stay in the coolest location out of the sun, or in an air-conditioned location.

Dress for the weather. To reflect heat and sunlight and help your body maintain normal temperatures, dress in lightweight, light-colored, loose clothing.

Stay hydrated. If you do not feel thirsty, drink plenty of fluids to help keep your body cool. Try to reduce the intake of caffeinated beverages, and try to stick to water and sports drinks. A good test of hydration is to make sure your urine is always clear in color.

Just say “no”! Even though alcoholic beverages may feel as if they are cooling you off on a hot summer’s day, they can actually make dehydration worse.

Listen to your physician. If on a salt-restrictive diet, do not take salt tablets or increase your salt intake without consulting with your doctor.

Get cool. Air-conditioning drastically reduces the danger from heat-related injuries. If you do not have an air-conditioner, spend some time each day in an air-conditioned environment such as a shopping center, movie theater, library, etc.

Be protected. Always remember to use sunblock at a SPF 15 or greater when outdoors.

Be a good neighbor.  If you have elderly neighbors, check in on them and make sure they are staying cool and hydrated, as they are susceptible to heat injury.

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