BMT—A Must-See Webinar for all Religious Institution Benefits Coordinators

BMT—A Must-See Webinar for all Religious Institution Benefits Coordinators

Benefits Coordinators in finance offices for religious communities and institutions face complicated issues in their roles. Overseeing the benefits and eligibility concerns for religious members can be a daunting task, filled with questions that can stump even the most seasoned manager.

Constance  Neeson, Director of Benefit Eligibility Management for Religious at BMT Management & Financial Consultants, a division of Christian Brothers Services, will present a  FREE webinar, March 7, designed to help those benefit coordinators.

“Finance Office Best Practices – How to Optimize Benefit Eligibility for Religious,” will address the best methods for the Finance Office of a religious institute regarding managing income and assets of religious members to maintain benefit eligibility for various programs.

Neeson has made it her mission to assist members of religious communities to apply for the benefit programs for which they are eligible. She and her team of Benefit Eligibility Consultants are industry experts, who specialize in implementing efficient benefit eligibility management programs for more than 70 religious institutes.

Over the past 14 years, the team has assisted various religious institutes in achieving a total estimated Financial Impact of more than $200 million in increased income and in health care savings for their congregations through use of the various available benefit programs. The team also assists congregations with accessing enrollments into various insurance programs for the members, and with medical billing processing.

During the webinar, Neeson will discuss recommended practices for managing member assets, ways to correct patrimony irregularities to achieve benefit eligibility, and best methods for records retention and database management for all of the paperwork involved in benefit eligibility.

If you are a Treasurer, CFO, or billing and eligibility coordinator for a religious community or institute, or if you would like solutions to help your finance office run more efficiently, you cannot afford to miss this important webinar!

Find out why over the past 18 years, more than 300 congregations have contacted Neeson for advice on applying for benefits for their members. She has been a featured speaker at national conferences for the Resource Center for Religious Institutes (RCRI), the National Association of Treasurers of Religious Institutes (NATRI), the Orientation to Management of Religious Institutes (OMRI), and at regional Congress of Religious Treasurers (CORT) meetings. She also has spoken at numerous congregational gatherings, educating the religious leadership and members about the scope of benefit programs, which are available to all citizens.

Register HERE for the March 7 webinar.

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