New Technology Companies join Preferred Vendor Program

New Technology Companies join Preferred Vendor Program

As new technologies continually emerge, organizations require strategy and adaptability to keep up with the ever-changing demand. IT solutions can be daunting for small organizations that do not necessarily have the means to stay attuned to the latest trends, facing the risk of missed opportunity.

The CBS Preferred Vendor Program facilitates relationships between members and vendors who provide service outside the scope of our direct expertise and are complementary to the plans, programs and services currently administrated and provided by CBS.

Three new technology partners have joined the program, aiming to help organizations take some of the guesswork out of planning for their technology needs.

Learn more about these three innovative companies who may help benefit your organization:


With no up-front, out-of-pocket costs, Cap4Energy is a company that provides structured financing solutions to increase energy efficiencies for organizations that cannot take on the risk.

When an organization needs energy improvement but may not have the capital to fund it, Cap4Energy offers no-cost, no-risk, no hassle LED lighting improvements. Through a unique model, Cap4Energy coordinates on-site audits, upfront funding and overall long-term savings so substantial that the improvements pay for themselves. For more information, visit

Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors

Stridium Cybersecurity Advisors offers advice and solutions in a wide range of cybersecurity and privacy areas including strategic program development, security risk assessments, virtual CISO and training capabilities, compliance efforts, vendor risk requirements, incident response preparations, forensic services, data and user security and more.

Striduim’s expert analysts work with you to understand, prioritize, and manage cybersecurity with a keen eye on balancing your business objectives and your risks, all while addressing the issues of today and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. For more information, or a free risk assessment, visit

US Signal

With several data centers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, the operation of more than 14,000 miles of fiber connectivity across a 10-state region, and the ability to offer a “total” IT solution for businesses, US Signal can deliver the people, process and technology necessary to bring an organization through a digital transformation.

US Signal is a provider of data center services, offering connectivity, cloud hosting, colocation, data protection and disaster recovery solutions – all powered by its wholly owned and operated, robust, fiber network. US Signal also helps customers optimize their IT resources through managed and professional services. For more information, visit

Through the Preferred Vendor Program, CBS will make an initial introduction and remain available to the member and partner, while remaining independent of any agreement between CBS members and the preferred partners. CBS expects its members and partners will operate in good faith and encourages members to select vendors that will put your needs and those of your organization first.

The Preferred Vendor Program serves as a means to match CBS members with companies believed to provide exceptional service for members’ unique needs. There is no obligation for a CBS member to use any Preferred Vendor Program products or services.

For additional information, please contact Bob Fiorentino at 800.807.0100  x3089 or

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