Do We Need a Student Accident Plan?

Do We Need a Student Accident Plan?

Schools are buzzing with activity preparing for a new school year, and administrators, faculty and staff are focused on providing students a quality Christian education within a safe learning environment.   

Christian Brothers Risk Management Services (RMS) has assisted many schools with the development of safety policies, and offers a variety of programs that focus on providing safe environments for students.  While safety training is essential for controlling risks, not all accidents can be prevented.  In fact, many school activities present a heightened risk for student injuries.   When accidents can’t be avoided, the best protection a school can provide for their students and their families is to purchase student accident insurance.

If you have ever had a student injured at school or while participating in a school activity, you may have had the parents of the injured child look to the school for payment of the medical expenses.  Even when a student is covered under a health policy, the out-of-pocket medical expenses from high deductibles and copayments can result in the parents paying hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. 

To ensure that no student will be denied medical treatment if they are injured at school, and to alleviate the financial hardship of out-of-pocket medical expenses that can be a burden on a family, many schools are providing accident insurance for their students. 

Since the 1960s, Christian Brothers Services has offered a Student Accident Program (SAP) exclusive to Catholic schools.  The purpose of the SAP is to ease the financial burdens placed on the parents/guardian for out-of-pocket medical expenses incurred when their child is injured at school. 

The average out-of-pocket medical expenses for students who are covered under a health insurance policy are $1,000-$1,500. In contrast, for students without health insurance, the average medical expenses are closer to $5,000.  These amounts are what the parents/guardian is responsible for paying if the school does not have accident insurance.

Purchasing insurance for student injuries that occur at school not only protects the parents from financial hardship, but also provides school administrators with peace of mind knowing all their students are covered for medical expenses and no student will be denied medical treatment because their family does not have insurance.

You cannot always prevent students from getting injured.  That’s why purchasing student accident insurance makes sense.  

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