Expanding our Communication Channels—mycbs.org

Expanding our Communication Channels—mycbs.org

Christian Brothers Services (CBS) has a history of evolving to meet the changing needs of our members.  This includes the methods we use to communicate with you. 

As part of our mission to create a comprehensive and exclusive Member Experience, we use this evolving technology to keep our members informed in a timely and efficient manner. However, we also are aware of the inherited risk the digital age poses and want to ensure and educate you of the best practices put in place to keep your information safe.

Unfortunately, every piece of communication can be a target for hackers looking to cause harm to CBS or its members. Hackers have become very adept at creating fake email messages that appear to come from one place, complete with authentic-looking logos to trick you into providing them with your login credentials or other confidential data. With these threats in mind, CBS is committed to keeping the lines of communication between us open and safe.  We do this to protect the integrity of our communications and the information and data that flows between us.

Members receive a wide variety of email messages from CBS on a regular basis.  Some of these email messages come from our employees and include their first and last name along with the @cbservices.org mail address. Other emails come from our Marketing and Business Development (MBD) division. These email blasts are about everything from webinars to electronic issues of our OutReach magazine and aim to provide you with the information you want and need in a timely fashion. 

Up to this point, MBD has used the @cbservices.org email address for its communications to you. We want to make you aware that from now on, MBD will use the @mycbs.org address in its communications to you. We are making this change because most of you are already familiar with our website, www.mycbs.org, where you can log in to reach customer services directly.

It is important to note that you should only receive emails from either cbservices.org or mycbs.org.

Remember, CBS will never:

  • Make outbound telemarketing calls from individual agents or robocalls for surveys and marketing purposes 
  • Ask members to send confidential or personal information such as Social Security numbers through non-secure email messages 

If you, as a member of Christian Brothers Services, are unsure of any communication, rather than clinking on a link, get into the habit of typing our website cbservices.org into your web browser; manually entering our phone number into your phone, and typing our email address into your email directly.

In addition to the change in e-mail address, we also want to make you aware that in the coming months CBS will launch a new text messaging communication channel.  We will send you more information regarding this new program as its launch approaches.

If you receive any communication that looks suspicious, or any form of communication you have never received before, please contact our Information & Technology Service Security Team at 800.807.0100 x2326.   

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