Health Benefit Newsletter

Health Benefit Newsletter

2021 Plan Changes

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We would like to make you aware of Plan changes that will take effect on Jan. 1, 2021.

Not all plan changes apply to all plans under the CBEBT so please make sure to refer to your particular Summary of Benefits and Coverage. You can also find the Annual Notices under Privacy Notices & Required Notices.

Urgent Care Copay

We are excited to announce that recent updates in claims systems coding will allow Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services to code a specified copay for urgent care visits.

Previously, the claims system was unable to separate “urgent care” to its own category for payment, leaving the choice of category up to the individual providers. Some urgent care providers bill as “emergency room,” others as “outpatient clinic,” and some as “primary care.”

Patients are often unaware of what charges will be subject to various copayment levels, deductibles, and coinsurance. When reviewing national averages of costs for urgent care visits, it was determined that the costs of urgent care visits are about 30% higher than for average primary care visits, but significantly less than emergency room visits.

Please be sure to review your 2021 Summary of Benefits and Coverages (SBC) for the Urgent Care copay level. This will alleviate previous billing confusion and allow you peace of mind knowing the costs for urgent care visits.

Know your prescription plan

2021 SaveonSP Specialty Medication List Changes

We are happy to inform you that the number of specialty medications available at no cost to you continues to increase, with an additional 120 new medications added to the list for 2021.

Specialty medications provide unique treatments with remarkable results for complex, chronic diseases. The Plan now includes more than 200 medications.  A list of these medications and their associated monthly copay can be found here or call SaveonSP at 1.800.683.1074.

2021 Express Script National Preferred Formulary Changes

Each quarter, Express Scripts Inc. (ESI), the Trust’s Pharmacy Benefits Manager, announces changes to its formulary drug list. Some prescription drugs currently covered will be excluded from coverage, while other prescription drugs move from a Preferred Brand status to a Non-Preferred Brand status.

Please note that while the Trust subscribes to Express Script’s National Preferred Formulary certain prescription drugs and/or preventative care inconsistent with the tenets of the Catholic Church may not apply or be covered. Please refer to your plan booklet for further details.

The formulary is a list of drugs—generic and brand name—that offer the greatest overall value. Formulary management enables you and your physician to choose clinically appropriate and cost-effective drugs for specific conditions.  You can view the most up to date formulary list and exclusion list by visiting our website.

The Summary of Benefits and Coverages (SBCs) for 2021 and other plan documents are accessible at my under My Coverage Summary.

Virtual care needs met with Teladoc

Whether cases of COVID-19 are spiking, staying level or decreasing where you live, safety remains at the forefront. A virtual visit is the fastest way to get non-emergency care. It’s also the safest, especially dring this pandemic.

With virtual care:

  • You can see the doctor from comfort and safety of home.
  • You do not have to sit in a waiting room with other people who may be infected.
  • You will have your doctor’s undivided attention–no rushing from patient to patient.

By using Teladoc, you have 24/7 access to a panel of 3,100 experienced health care professionals, 365 days a year. Talk by phone or online with a U.S. board-certified doctor who can treat your non-emergency symptoms anytime for free from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you may be.

Once you activate your account directly from, you can easily access account information and request a consult anytime you need care. To help you set up your account, download and print this “Getting Started with Teladoc” flyer.

Livongo offers tools to keep health in the forefront

Integrating health measures to prevent disease and maintain health is a mainstay of our partner, Livongo’s mission.  Livongo continues to use smart, connected devices, personalized digital guidance, and 24x7x365 access to health professionals to make it easier for people with chronic conditions to stay healthier.

Livongo focuses on pre-diabetes, diabetes, and high blood pressure, conditions where prevalence and costs continue to grow.

CBEBT has collaborated with Livongo to make diabetes management easier. Livongo has designed a complete end-to-end solution for diabetes management that uses cellular technology to automatically upload readings to provide participants with access to data analysis and real-time personalized insights.

In addition, th­e Livongo for Hypertension Program combines advanced technology with personalized coaching to help participants identified with hypertension manage their blood pressure. 

Both programs are free of charge to CBEBT participants. Register at or call the member support center at 800.945.4355.

Learn more about specific benefits for diabetes management or hypertension.

Get help with free Quit for Life® program

While quitting smoking seems like a no-brainer to a healthier lifestyle, it is not easy, otherwise we still would not see an estimated 480,000 deaths in the U.S. contributed to smoking.

The Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust offers a program to help individuals embrace a healthier lifestyle.  

Tobacco use causes diminished overall health, increased absenteeism from work, and increased health care utilization. The Quit for Life® program is available free to EBT participants through Optum. Quit for Life® gives you and your enrolled dependents the tools they need to quit tobacco, including vaping products, for good. There is no additional cost to enroll in the program.

Optum reports a participant satisfaction rate of 95% and notes that 97% would recommend the program. With Quit for Life®, EBT participants can work 1-on-1 with a Quit Coach® over the phone, receive advice, tips and encouragement in their journey, and if they qualify, they will receive nicotine patches or gum to help them stop. Participants can enroll by calling 1-866-QUIT-4-LIFE.

For more information, click here.

COVID-19 Resources

For more information about any COVID-19 resources and a comprehensive list of tools, visit the CBS Resource page.

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