Healthy Holidays

Healthy Holidays

Many of us like to believe that since Thanksgiving hit the calendar, all calories do not count until 2019.

There are cookies to be made and drinks to be shared, leaving no time for the gym and sticking with self-control is like screaming Bah Hum Bug.  

The inevitable hits Jan. 2 when you step on the scale to begin that new year’s resolution and have found you’ve gained a few extra pounds. With a shoulder shrug, we are ready to knock that right off as we grab our running shoes. However, a recent study shows that when we gain weight at the holidays, we rarely manage to lose it and the festive weight gain adds up, year after year.

An article from Medical News Today reports that researchers believe that targeting this time of year might be an innovative way to reduce the impact of obesity, which is a continually growing problem in the United States.  The report states that by focusing attention on times when weight gain is most significant, it might be possible to slow annual weight gain overall.

The study completed by BMJ, recognizing that little long-term success has been found in treating established obesity through lifestyle change;  sought an alternate strategy to focus on prevention of weight gain during the most popular time to gain weight.

The Grinch’s heart may grow three sizes this Christmas but your middle shouldn’t.  On Christmas Day alone, an individual may consume up to 6,000 calories—three times an average day.  

Success was shown in preventing weight gain by simply making a cognitive effort to watch calories and exercise.  A brief intervention to increase restraint of eating and drinking through self weighing, information on physical activity calorie equivalents of popular foods and drinks, and tips for weight management prevented weight gain over the Christmas period.

So, it’s not too late. Keep in mind the following before your next indulgence:

Christmas Spirits

Red Wine126
Peppermint Mocha Coffee470
White Russian355 
Hot Chocolate320


Olives (1/2 cup)77
Cheeseball (2 Tbsp)246
Mixed Nuts (1/2 cup)407
Crackers (10)177
Potato Chips (10)150
Tortilla Chips (10)90
Onion Dip (2 Tbsp)60
Ranch Dip (2 Tbsp)70


Roasted Turkey (4 oz)190
Baked Ham (4 oz)345
Beef Brisket (4 oz)291
Rib Roast (4 oz)336
Steak (5.5 oz)310


Sugar Cookies192
Gingerbread Cookies185
Peanut Butter Kiss95

What does it take to burn those calories off?

100 Calorie Burn

  • 40 Jumping jacks, 30 sit-ups, 20 squats and 10 push ups
  • 1 mile run
  • 11 minutes of jumping rope

200 Calorie Burn

  • 30 minutes of dancing
  • 1 hour of walking and talking
  • 2 hours of standing at work

500 Calorie Burn

  • 40 minutes of running up stairs
  • 60 minutes of jogging
  • 60 minutes of tennis

Cheers to staying healthy!

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