Reflections on an Updated Logo for Catholic School Management

Reflections on an Updated Logo for Catholic School Management

By Senior Executive Consultant Maria J. Ribera

Catholic School Management is widely known by our initials as “CSM.” Along with our distinctive initials, we also have enjoyed a distinctive logo since the company’s founding in 1979 when it graced the introductory issue of our flagship publication, the Catholic School Management Letter, also known more commonly by its initials, CSML. The CSM logo reflects the visual ingenuity of Sister Patricia Mulally.

While CSM serves various educational ministries of the Catholic Church, a significant portion of work, since CSM’s origin, has been on behalf of Catholic schools and sustaining their long-term vitality. Back in 1979, Sister Pat’s keen understanding of CSM’s work formed her artistic decision-making and resulted in a logo that emphasizes Catholic schools with the “C” and “S” situated to rest on a bold version of the “M” for management.  It conveys a clear message supporting CSM’s approach to the delivery of comprehensive, consultative guidance grounded in the belief that the strength of Catholic schools rests upon, and directly results from, the strength of their management.

To this day, our vision and the “CSM Way” has continued to be driven by our commitment to responding to the unique management needs of Catholic schools as a whole, and specifically to customize our work and provide innovative thinking for the unique management needs of each individual school with which we work.  Since the 1970s, CSM has worked with well over 3,000 Catholic schools and in that time the circumstances of fewer than 20 of those schools have resulted in the cessation of their mission. This rate, of not much more than half a percent, supports the effectiveness of CSM’s approach when compared with the 37% loss of Catholic schools overall between the period from 1970 to 2010 alone. Clearly, the “CSM Way” has stood the test of time.

While there are some things that stay the same over time for good reason, there are others that must change for equally good reasons. In 2014, CSM became a division of Christian Brothers Services, combining two organizations with complementary missions, expanding the scope of CSM’s ability to sustain its excellent outcomes for Catholic schools, parishes, dioceses and religious orders. With any change comes opportunity, and there have been several since 2014. CSM is pleased to announce a significant milestone in its history with the refresh of its iconic logo to continue to reflect the timeless message and wisdom of the original design while incorporating reference to CSM’s most recent growth and change.

The refreshed logo still conveys its original message, now emphasized by the modification of the “M” to reflect the concept of strong management as the pillars that continue to sustain Catholic schools today, and into the future. The integration with the CBS star, the updated font and expanded versions of the logo reflect CSM’s contemporary status as a division of Christian Brothers Services. CSM continues to expand and adapt its comprehensive array of consulting services for the benefit of our clients, and most importantly for the continued benefit of Catholic education. Our refreshed logo speaks to this ongoing commitment to excellence set in motion by CSM Founder Richard J. Burke and still proudly exemplified today by all CSM leadership and staff.

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