School’s Out! Read Up!

School’s Out! Read Up!

Looking for fresh ideas and topical, research-driven information regarding Catholic school administration? Subscribe to the Catholic School Management Letter (CSML), a free resource aimed at providing insight and best practices to further enhance and assist you in your role in education.

After 40 years on a paid subscription basis, the CSML is now provided as a free tool sent straight to your inbox. CSML is written by experienced professionals, specializing in Catholic school planning, strategy and leadership. Each issue is carefully researched and organized so that your reading time yields maximum benefits.

The CSML covers a wide-range of topics including marketing, academics, student affairs, enrollment management, faith community affairs, development/fundraising, alumni, technology, governance, business and more.

The latest issue takes a look at Channeling Volunteer Leadership for Maximum Impact,’’ and a look back at the archives offers an opportunity to scroll through dozens of articles. From research regarding the role of administration in policy development, implementation and review to understanding generational values and preferences in marketing, to effective models for strategic planning, the CSML offers timely information relevant for today’s Catholic school professionals.

Everyone in your Catholic school can benefit from these resources as the CSML provides insight beneficial for presidents, principals, board members, faculty, advancement staff and volunteers. You may download the most recent CSMLhere or connect via our website.

Please feel free to share this with others in your Catholic school community or invite them to subscribe. Earlier issues can be accessed on our recent issues page.

Soon we will hear the delightful call of “School’s Out!” Use these somewhat quieter summer months to catch up on your professional development and reading. For more info about CSM, visit our website or contact us at 203-421-5169. 

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