The Magic Words – Growing and Predictable

The Magic Words – Growing and Predictable

Your annual fund is the path to peace and prosperity!  When it comes to revenue, no one wants to be surprised by sudden shifts – unless it’s always up, up, up.  The beauty of the annual fund is that, if conducted well, it will provide growing and predictable revenue for your ministry.  More importantly, it gives your donors the opportunity to feel good about themselves by financially supporting your organization!  Are there other benefits you can rely on with your annual fund?  You bet!

An effective annual fund…

  • Provides growing and reliable income
  • Addresses priority needs
  • Builds relationships with all constituencies
  • Continually expands base of support and develops new audiences
  • Upgrades donors to higher levels of commitment and investment
  • Showcases your ministry’s strengths
  • Increases the volunteer pool
  • Is not subject to popularity or seasonality
  • Demonstrates sound and strong financial and future planning
  • Reinforces the value of your organization
  • Over time is less work and more money
  • Creates an opportunity for people to feel good about themselves

Annual fund, as the center of your development program, allows you to enjoy these benefits year after year.  Equally important, you amass enormous data that allows you to identify and cultivate major and bequest gifts from the likeliest candidates.

Make sure your annual fund goals are ANNUAL and SPECIFIC.  While simply planning for “more” is good, framing your goals in terms of segmented audiences with regard to acquisition, retention, gift size, percent of ask, etc., will make your appeal more impactful and creative. 

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