The risks of using Windows 7

The risks of using Windows 7

Windows 7 officially reached its “End of Life” phase and as of Jan. 14, Microsoft is no longer supporting it. This means that Microsoft will stop releasing updates and patches for the operating system, leaving it vulnerable to attacks from hackers. 

What does this mean if you have a home computer running Windows 7? 
It doesn’t mean Windows 7 will stop working. You will still be able to use Windows 7 for as long as you want.

The good news is that you’re not going to wake up to find your Windows 7 PC no longer boots up. But,  just because you can continue to use Windows 7 in its “End of Life” status, it doesn’t mean you should.

Windows 7 will not be patched for any new viruses or security problems, and this leaves you extremely vulnerable to any emerging threats.

If a large number of people continue to use Windows 7, it could actually result in a big incentive for malicious users to target viruses at Windows 7.

So, while Windows 7 will continue to work, you should start planning to upgrade to Windows 10, or an alternative operating system, as soon as possible.

Microsoft strongly recommends that you move to Windows 10 to avoid a situation where you need service or support that is no longer available.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Windows support here.

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